Non-Resident, Returning Military, and Returning Officials

CBP Releases 2021-2026 Strategy

To facilitate the “entry” of vehicles into the United States by nonresidents who enter the United States and make oral declarations, then at a later date decide that they will remain in the United States with their vehicle, local CBP offices will allow the individuals to file a CF 7501 to document the “entry” of that vehicle. This “entry” will supersede the oral declaration. These guidelines only apply to vehicles that meet the following criteria:

  • Declarant’s Personal Vehicle
  • Imported for Personal Use
  • By a Non-Resident
  • Conform with EPA and DOT Standards
  • Not Intended for Resale

These “entries” will be filed as Type 11, Informal entries, and NO bond will be required, regardless of value, ONLY if all of the above-mentioned criteria are met.

The individual entering the vehicle must write the following statement on the face of the CF 7501.

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